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You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds. Welcome to the tribe

You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.



Morocco’s handicrafts offer a multitude of specialized trades, know-how and secrets… Also and quite naturally, we find in Morocco, various and varied products from Moroccan handicrafts. It should also be noted that Moroccan artisans and all these women who contribute widely and also to the diversity of all these products, never lack inspiration and above all creativity.

Each artist lets go of their know-how of yesteryear or their inspiration, this is why Moroccan craftsmanship also knows how to renew itself and therefore and always offer new things… From all these arts, thus are born, typically Moroccan articles which, even if for the most part, still use mysteries and recipes of yesteryear, also give birth to articles that adapt to current tastes and preferences. Moroccan craftsmanship from ancestral know-how remains prized and rigorous, the reputation of pottery and carpets is well established ... Dinandiers, leatherworkers, tailors and many others, Berber weavers and embroiderers, potters and potters , always put their talent first and foremost.

Whether it is pottery with the famous Tamegroute Pottery which shines with this beautiful green or ocher brown enamel, a pottery which is among the oldest from this small town located not far from Zagora. But also, of this typically feminine pottery, the rif pottery, which is finding more and more interest. Without forgetting of course, the famous potteries of the cities of Marrakech, Safi or Fez ... It is the same for all items from basketry which, too, remains very popular and renowned in certain regions of Morocco. We work and braid the wicker to make useful objects (wicker lights, furniture) and decoration. Just like eucalyptus furniture that highlights the natural side that follows all the trends and trends…

We cannot miss of course weaving, this other ancestral art of Morocco which also remains very diverse and always typical and very authentic. Its reputation is international, Berber carpets cross times and borders. Of course, we talk about weaving that of wool for the sublime and very popular Berber carpets, but we must not forget either, the most recent carpets of Morocco, woven and knotted from small pieces of recycled fabrics which give very attractive Boucherouite rugs. Then there is the weaving of plant fibers from Aloe Vera which showcase the famous Sabra fabric. A fabric that imitates silk so well, that it is called: vegetable silk. Soft and silky, it is also a very often shiny fabric which highlights sublime bedding sets, but also cushions, bolsters and also very nice rugs that can be used on the floor as a wall decoration… there is so much to discover again and again at the heart of this rich Moroccan craftsmanship, than ever, and, it is very good like that, we will not let ourselves go of this creative, typical, authentic and downright magical craftsmanship.