Vintage rugs

Vintage Berber carpets are carpets that come from innumerable villages in the heights of the Middle Atlas, the Berber carpet Boujaad or the carpet Zayane are the best representatives. It seemed necessary to dedicate a specific section to these vintage rugs that combine tradition, stability, timelessness and that remain timeless.

Vintage rug in pink, yellow and brown tones

Vintage 102 x 60 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug rustic look in shades of yellow and brown for the outline and pale pink or old rose for the central background. Rustic diamond patterns...

Vintage Middle Ages Rug

Vintage 100 x 50 x 0.79 inch
With the allure of the Middle Ages, a beautiful colorful and vintage carpet in warm shades of brown, yellow, orange, beige, green with Berber...

Vintage rug, blue, orange and yellow fringes

Vintage 98 x 60 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in natural wool on a yellow cotton weft, yellow fringes are at one end. An outline decorated in orange then in the center of the...

Vintage Rhombuses large and small

Vintage 123 x 60 x 0.79 inch
Bright vintage carpet in shades of orange, yellow and touches of dark blue with only large and smaller diamonds, very decorated as motifs. Large...

Vintage patterned rug in five parts

Vintage 98 x 65 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet woven in wool and which offers in the center, five parts of different patterns in the colors of old pink, dark blue and yellow. The...

Vintage Conqueror Rug

Vintage 96 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in natural wool in warm tones of dark brown, beige, orange and yellow, and Conqueror for its very rustic look and particular...

Vintage rugs with three-part patterns

Vintage 105 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Vintage wool rug with its three-part patterns, flower patterns in the middle and colorful diamonds that surround this decor. Pretty decorated...

Tapis Vintage Robot

Vintage 135 x 70 x 0.79 inch
Vintage Robot carpet because there is a pattern in its center that represents a robotic character. Colors vary between beige and washed out shades...

Vintage rug shades of pink and black, yellow fringes

Vintage 104 x 63 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug in thick and silky wool, in shades of pink, black, and in particular yellow fringes which stand out on one end. The patterns are large...

Vintage black, beige and yellow rug

Vintage 104 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Vintage wool rug, in the dominant shades of black, beige and yellow, with very stylish diamond / square patterns in the center. Rustic soul for...

Vintage Terracotta Rug

Vintage 136 x 55 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet like a Tiled floor, in shades of dark brown, beige and orange. Rather rustic at heart, it will suit rather old interiors. Flower...

Vintage Wire Mesh Rug and Escutcheon

Vintage 104 x 54 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in natural wool which offers an outline decorated in orange, beige and yellow tones, then a center in mesh and escutcheon,...

Vintage Shimmering Rug

Vintage 117 x 64 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in thick and silky wool and very shimmering with its colors of orange, dark brown and brick brown with small touches of light...

Vintage Rug Eclats

Vintage 110 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in thick natural wool, simply called Eclats, for its vibrant colors and patterns. Character for a rug with a rather rustic soul.

Tapis Vintage Games Of Throne

Vintage 97 x 59 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet Games Of Throne atmosphere a "middle ages" look and its very castle style. A rug with character and style, in shades of dark brown,...

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