Vintage rugs

Vintage Berber carpets are carpets that come from innumerable villages in the heights of the Middle Atlas, the Berber carpet Boujaad or the carpet Zayane are the best representatives. It seemed necessary to dedicate a specific section to these vintage rugs that combine tradition, stability, timelessness and that remain timeless.

Vintage Carpet Overlay

Vintage 118 x 87 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug Superposition for this background of alternating colors of gray, turquoise blue and purple and above which we find diamonds bypassed in...

Vintage Rug White, beige and gray

Vintage 104 x 83 x 0.79 inch
A white background above which we can distinguish diamond patterns and others contoured in beige or gray, for a fairly soft and original set. This...

Vintage rug, purple, white and gray

Vintage 110 x 73 x 0.79 inch
Small Vintage rug in the three shades of purple, white and light gray, diamond patterns decorated with various other patterns. Very chic and...

Vintage carpet gray background

Vintage 108 x 75 x 0.79 inch
Small vintage rug with a light gray background and darker shades, diamond patterns decorated and colored with pink, red, turquoise blue, and...

Stylized Vintage Rug

Vintage 132 x 79 x 0.79 inch
Small Stylized Vintage rug with rather rustic and baroque patterns that appear to be washed out ... The background is half pale pink and half...

Vintage rug outline ancient Greece

Vintage 136 x 68 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet with brown outline in Ancient Greece type patterns, a background in different shades of pink, Berber patterns in the colors of pink,...

Vintage Diamond Mosaic Rug

Vintage 118 x 65 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet Mosaic of diamonds with many colors of green, pink, gray, purple ... The background appears in shades of pink. This rug is woven...

Vintage rug gray outline beige background

Vintage 135 x 63 x 0.79 inch
Large Vintage rug with a gray outline and a background in shades of beige. Very Berber patterns with shades of light and darker pink, blue and...

Vintage carpet pink background and a purple part

Vintage 91 x 48 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug with a background in shades of pink and a wide stripe on one end in a purple background. We can distinguish patterns in transparency,...

Vintage Pink Gray and Beige Rug

Vintage 92 x 58 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug in thick but short wool, a background in shades of pink, an outline in light gray, diamond patterns of different sizes. Fringes are...

Vintage rug with gray and pink mottled background

Vintage 123 x 64 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet medium size with a background in mottled gray and pale pink, then diamond patterns some of which are outlined in light gray and...

Vintage rug light gray and purple used look

Vintage 135 x 72 x 0.79 inch
Vintage light gray and purple rug with a general used look and almost faded diamond pattern. Purple, light gray and touches of white for a rug that...

Vintage Moroccan Tiles Rug

Vintage 129 x 73 x 0.79 inch
Like Moroccan tiles, this is what this beautiful Vintage rug offers with an aged and used look in shades of purple, pink, blue / green and white....

Vintage Very Long Hallway Rug

Vintage 110 x 39 x 0.79 inch
Long Vintage rug ideal for a hallway in shades of beige, brown and diamond patterns with touches of green, pink, a darker center for the...

Vintage Rug Green, Pink and Gray

Vintage 125 x 62 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet that offers a background in shades of pink and beige and very Berber dotted patterns in shades of green, pink and light gray with a...

Tais Vintage all framed in gray

Vintage 116 x 67 x 0.79 inch
Nice little vintage character with a gray outline, a background in shades of pink, other patterns form a frame around the carpet, in light green...

Vintage Arlequin rug in pink and blue

Vintage 109 x 56 x 0.79 inch
Small Vintage wool rug with a diamond grid pattern in pink and blue in the Harlequin costume style. Lighter shades of pink and gray enhance the...

Vintage Pink Gray and White "Bottles" Rug

Vintage 109 x 54 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet in shades of light gray, pink and white with very Berber patterns, some of which are reminiscent of bottles. The outline of the rug...

Vintage purple and gray distressed hallway rug

Vintage 134 x 55 x 0.79 inch
A Vintage hallway rug, longer than it is wide, in a distressed purple / purple, white and light gray look. An outline decorated with diamonds with...

Vintage rug with cross and berber flowers

Vintage 118 x 70 x 0.79 inch
Large Vintage rug with patterns of flowers and Berber crosses, in shades of gray, pink for the background, green and blue. A very soft set for a...

Dominant blue vintage carpet

Vintage 131 x 83 x 0.79 inch
Refined vintage carpet dominated by blue and light gray. Small touches of green, red, light and dark gray give the elegance of this rug. Fringed...

Vintage rug, pink, green, blue and white

Vintage 133 x 67 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet in pink, green, blue, gray, white and two weavings, one flat in striped colors, the other in thick wool for the rest of the work....

Rug Vintage faded aged rhombuses purple tones

Vintage 109 x 72 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug faded and aged in appearance. It comes in shades of purple, purple and gray. The patterns are diamonds in the center of the carpet, the...

Vintage carpet pink background dark gray and pink checkered outline

Vintage 77 x 35 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet with pink background and pink and dark gray checkered outline. The patterns offer decorated diamonds and triangles with shades of...

Vintage rug with blanket look

Vintage 89 x 45 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug with blanket look in gray contour grid of colored squares in pale pink, fuchsia pink, beige, and light gray. Longer than wide, it can...

Vintage carpet outline checkered mixed background

Vintage 101 x 54 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug in thick, shaved wool with a gray / pink checkered outline, a mixed background on one side in shades of pink and beige and on the other...

Vintage Refinement Rugs

Vintage 130 x 70 x 0.79 inch
It is all in refinement that this magnificent Vintage Carpet presents itself with very successful patterns and very aesthetic color harmony with...

Vintage diamond dotted carpet

Vintage 80 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet medium size with a background all in shade of pink and dotted diamond patterns on the visual aspect of this beautiful work. The...

Vintage rug Gray purple and pink aged look

Vintage 102 x 75 x 0.79 inch
Vintage mid-size rug with distressed look and diamond pattern, in shades of purple, light gray and purple. Long spaced gray bangs polish the finish.

Vintage Rug Purple orange and light gray

Vintage 128 x 82 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug aged look in shades of purple, light gray and orange. The patterns appear in contoured diamonds and decorated differently. Aged and...

Vintage rug worn look pale pink

Vintage 133 x 60 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet worn look, pale pink and purple background, various patterns very Berber in the soul. Shades of brown, light gray, pink. Perimeter...

Vintage rugs like in Versailles

Vintage 105 x 67 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rugs like in Versailles, like the gardens, pond, and forest of the most beautiful castles ... This is how this medium-sized carpet woven in...

Vintage Rug Beige, Brown, Orange, Black

Vintage 106 x 50 x 0.79 inch
Large Vintage rug in thick wool that offers Berber patterns and an overview in shades of beige, brown, orange and brown. A warm and warm rug that...

Vintage rug with pink background and dark green patterns outline

Vintage 123 x 67 x 0.79 inch
Large Vintage Rug with a background in shades of pink and beige, and an outline with stylized patterns in dark green. In the center there are large...

Vintage rug with pink background, brown and gray patterns

Vintage 110 x 57 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet worn look on part. Geometric patterns mainly of squares and diamonds, pink background, patterns in brown and gray. In the center, a...

Vintage rug contour multicolored rectangles

Vintage 50 x 31 x 0.79 inch
Very original carpet with outline in colored rectangles of green, pink, orange, blue, fuchsia pink yellow. The patterns offer rhombuses, flowers,...

Vintage rug worn look, one in two weave

Vintage 87 x 25 x 0.79 inch
This vintage hallway rug has a worn look that offers a one in two weaving technique for the relief of the background. The tones seem blended, we...

Vintage Rug Dark and Light Pink, Gray and Brown

Vintage 86 x 50 x 0.79 inch
Beautiful Vintage Medium Rug which offers a background interwoven with dark pink and lighter pink, rounded patterns in brown, touches of purple and...

Vintage pink beige brown rug, diamond pattern

Vintage 87 x 65 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet, pinkish beige pink background with a grid of diamonds, sometimes decorated, sometimes not, but contoured with a double line of...

Colorful Ethnic Medium Vintage Rug

Vintage 100 x 57 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug in medium size, woven in fine soft wool with multiple colors. The background and pinkish, purplish, patterns offer tones of black,...

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