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You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.


Vintage rugs 

Vintage Berber carpets are carpets that come from innumerable villages in the heights of the Middle Atlas, the Berber carpet Boujaad or the carpet Zayane are the best representatives. It seemed necessary to dedicate a specific section to these vintage rugs that combine tradition, stability, timelessness and that remain timeless.


The traditional Berber carpet is known for the multitude and richness of its models of ancient Berber carpets. They are at least five years old and sometimes up to twenty years old. The age of the rug can be seen in the faded colors or spent on the background laid in patchwork giving a worn or aged look. The various and varied patterns, can often be oriental type, or classic, they are mostly in shades of red, purple or pink.

The ancient Berber carpet is a jewel on the ground that can not be appreciated by everyone, taking with you in your living room a little bit of history is a bet that only the most adventurous are ready to take. When you come across a little pearl, this rug provides a feeling of fullness in the sense that this unique rug carries with it a set of emotions that will also fill your home. Some models are simply more than others, here, this vintage style, by their worn, faded, "old carpet" when they are not necessarily, and this is their charm. The Berber weavers show their colors, patterns, patchwork of vivid or pastel colors which are ideally suited to a warm atmosphere, as well as carpets in shades of blue, gray red combine with more contemporary decorations.

The cozy atmosphere of a vintage interior is second to none in terms of decoration, which is what made it so successful. They are in the spotlight with this collection of vintage Berber carpets entirely hand-woven. At the heart of their imagination, weavers combine colors and patterns to create unique pieces of art. This Berber carpet has various patterns in a patchwork of bright colors and pastels ideal for a warm atmosphere. Rugs in shades of blue, red or gray that will combine perfectly with contemporary decor. Each of these works of art bears witness to the ancient know-how and artistic sensibilities of each Berber weaver. They will bring the touch that dresses with elegance and subtlety your interior.