Do you want to know a bit more about us? Or have you just stumbled upon us? Whatever the answer, you've come to the right place because we wanted to tell you more.

We're committed to a responsible and sustainable lifestyle

At Tribaliste, we're all about sustainable and responsible living. It's quite a mission we're on, but we love it and believe in it. We are convinced that we can consume differently, while respecting each other, nature and the planet. Yes, decorating your home can be done with a clear conscience. We prove it every day and we are not about to stop!

We explore, we unearth and we tell you pretty stories

We explore, we travel, we criss-cross the roads in search of emotions and favorites to share. And it is in Morocco that the magic happens. And why? Because it is in the heart of its countryside that rare and authentic pieces are created and that the fabulous Berber carpets are created. We love these carpets for many reasons: the story they tell, the quality of the manual work they require, the natural materials they use and their beauty, quite simply.

So to find these nuggets of style, we look for them, we find them. What we like most of all is to talk with the weavers, to understand their work and to make it known. Because it is with them that everything begins. Fruit of their imagination, the Berber carpet is their field of expression. The choice of a natural wool, of a colour, the expression of a motif give life to raw and unique pieces, frankly splendid, whose history and emotion will remain engraved. It's poetic, isn't it? That's exactly what we like. And we love above all to tell you the story of these carpets which are, in our eyes, the most beautiful in the world!

We are more fair, more responsible

At Tribaliste, what is also important to us is to be fair. And that means above all respecting the artisans. So we thought of an easy and respectful way to collaborate. How do we do this? By offering them to put their creations online whenever they want and to accompany them if necessary, at no cost. No intermediary between them and us. The craftsman receives the full price he has set. For us, it's a way of supporting them. And that is also being responsible. It's normal and it will never change.

We are transparent

For Tribaliste, it is also essential that communication with Moroccan artisans is fluid and easy. That they feel comfortable and that there are no dark areas. So we decided to devise means of communication adapted to them. Our team is in direct contact with each craftsman on a regular basis to find out about the state of their stock, the products they have in stock and the status of their invoices. Between voice messages in their native language and WhatsApp conversations punctuated with emoticons, we decided that proximity and trust should be at the heart of our exchanges. And to make things even easier, we offer them a 100% automated solution.

Through this site, we also hope to pass on our passion. Passion for beautiful things, for crafts, for decoration, for culture... Come on, enough talk. Instead, take the time to discover what we have unearthed for you. As you can see, it's worth a look.

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