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You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds. Welcome to the tribe

You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.



Around the world, tribes continue to live in remote areas. Their traditional lifestyle is embedded in a rich history, culture and value system. These ethnic groups have a precious and authentic artisanal savoir-faire that is unique and often unknown or unrecognised. The objects they make by hand often follow a holistic production process, respecting the local ecology, using local materials and following ancestral techniques.

By exploring local cultures, we shed light on their crafts and contribute to preserve the heritage of these tribes from remote areas around the world. In doing so, we hope to improve their living conditions: the sale of artisanal products benefits the artisans and their families. These objects are unique creations, a luxury that stands the test of time and that tells a story. The purchase of such a carpet is a noble and eco-responsible way to spend. Our first vocation is to promote the artisanal savoir-faire of tribes and to support them in safekeeping their heritage.


At the heart of our modern societies, other tribes are forming: a mosaic of communities interconnected and sharing common interests and beliefs. Everyone belongs to their own tribe, with their friends, passions and choices. There are thousands of ways to be together, to share similar interests, desires and a common vision. Here, just as on the other side of the world, each tribe has its rituals and values that cement the community.

Ancestral tribes and contemporary tribes are moved by the same spirit, forged by communal experiences and the attachment of their members to a system of codes and values. Each tribe is unique, but all are the fruit of a marriage between tradition and modernity, and they share the same desire to be oneself, to exist, to be connected, to give meaning to their acts and their dreams. They are a force and there is beauty in sharing moments, ideas and unique objects that are noble and authentic.