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You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.


tapis berbère couloir 

Berber carpets in the hallway intended to be placed in an aisle, in a narrow hallway-shaped entrance, on the floors of all narrow passages. We have a wide choice of Moroccan runner rugs, especially for the Beni Ouarain type which adapt particularly well to all interior styles.


The configuration of most Moroccan houses, especially in riads, means that very often, under passageways or small narrow covered aisles, these very beautiful Berber carpets are placed, which can sometimes be very long. More generally, it is not uncommon to see, in the entrances, on the terraces, in the courtyards, these marvelous Berber rugs which are always honored! The Berber carpet nicely dresses your floors. For very Design entries, immediately brightened up, for warm atmospheres that immediately invite to conviviality, opt, without hesitation, for a magnificent Berber carpet in the hallway.

The Berber Moroccan corridor carpet thus and very widely finds its place to decorate and guide your steps through corridors or aisles longer than wide. It also finds its place, centered, in a large entrance. Many Berber Moroccan corridor rugs have a fringed finish on one end, they are more rarely fringed on both sides, but this option exists all the same. The dimensions vary, the lengths can reach up to 3 meters sometimes more, sometimes less, as for the width which turns, more or less, around a meter. Whatever your tastes, you will always find the rug you need, the one for which you will inevitably fall in love! For your entry which can have very specific dimensions, we can have your hallway carpet made to your dimensions. So, for a custom carpet, do not hesitate to contact our services.

tapis berbere en couloir noir et blanc en losange