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Discover the new collection of unique and authentic Berber rugs before everyone else

You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds. Welcome to the tribe

You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.


tapis beni ourain

Genuine authentic and traditional Berber carpets

A curation of moroccan crafts

Our carpets, 100% Natural wool, are made by Berber women of the Middle Atlas regions in respect of the oldest traditions.

beni ouarain carpets


Soft and natural wool, minimalist design

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All the essentials of the berberes carpet, from the minimalist Beni Ouarain to the more abstract Boucherouite through the incontrounable colorful Azilal.

Kilim Carpet – Red Green and multicolour


With authentic colours and timeless style, these carpets keep their original style transcending changing fashions and trends

Colourful Boucherouite Patchwork Carpet


A mix and match of luminous colours – a patchwork of textiles and textures for an original and avant-garde touch

Black and White Beni Ouarain Carpet in Soft Wool

Beni Ouarain

With silky smooth white wool and its minimalist design, this carpet is the perfect companion to stand the test of cold winters

Tapis ethniques colorés - bleu, rouge colorés


A unique and abstract collection inspired by tribal arts and showcasing original motifs

The creation of our 100% Berber carpets

Braided in a parallel world, in the Atlas Mountains, tribal women knit wool, make it into the most atypical forms, and each weaver's inspiration, history and moments. Each rug carries with it its share of emotions, we transcribe it by keeping a permanent link with the creators, these artists.

  1. Shearing of sheep natural wool


  2. Washing of natural wool Atlas


  3. Spinning of natural wool spring water


  4. Dyeing of natural wool weaving berber carpet 


  5. Loom weaving berber carpet


  6. Handweaving carpet berber handmade