Black and white Berber carpets

The black and white Berber carpet is the most popular Berber carpet, it has made Berber crafts famous. The Beni Ouarain tribe has been making black and white wool carpets for centuries. We find classic geometric patterns with lozenge shapes that have a very specific symbolism. These rugs are popular because they blend with the ideal with trends and interior decorations. You will also find a set of colorful Berber rugs, and more rarely white Berber rugs, discover our collection of black and white Berber rugs.

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Carpet Beni Ouarain Pointe de Diamant

Beni Ouarain 116 x 85 x 0.79 inch
Carpet Beni Ouarain black contoured pattern in Pointe de Diamant. A white background, woven in silky natural wool, with two-tone black and white...
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Beni Ouarain carpet two-tone striped triangles

Beni Ouarain 114 x 89 x 0.79 inch
Grand Beni Ouarain in thick white wool on a two-tone black and white weft which reveals two-tone striped triangles on the sides of the rug. Large...

Azilal carpet in brown and beige checkered pattern

Azilal 66 x 28 x 0.79 inch
Small Azilal rug in natural wool that offers both a yellow outline and a checkerboard set in brown and beige. To complete the work, pretty ecru...

Azilal carpet Beige, brown, gray in diamonds

Azilal 107 x 62 x 0.79 inch
Azilal carpet woven in wool which offers mottled brown and beige diamond patterns, outlined in beige and in the center of the carpet which appear...

Black and Beige Azilal Rug

Azilal 88 x 42 x 0.79 inch
Small Azilal rug woven in thick wool. It offers a black background, beige contoured patterns in the shape of diamonds. Two-tone woven bands at the...

Beni Ouarain carpet, the two towers

Beni Ouarain 104 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Original this carpet white background with black patterns that look like two towers. Beni Ouarain type, it is woven in a natural wool, thick and...

Azilal rug gray black and beige line patterns

Azilal 118 x 81 x 0.79 inch
African ethnic allure this Azilal carpet in shades of beige, black and gray. The patterns are beige lines with a hologram visual effect. Modern and...

Azilal carpet for hallway black background

Azilal 160 x 30 x 0.79 inch
Long runner rug in beige outline and black background with contoured diamond patterns and lined in beige tone. Azilal type carpet woven in thick...

Black, light gray and beige Azilal rug

Azilal 123 x 79 x 0.79 inch
Azilal carpet in color stripe version: black, beige, light gray, beige dominance. Modern carpet that will enhance modern and contemporary...

Azilal carpet black background and white lines

Azilal 124 x 83 x 0.79 inch
Modern Azilal carpet that offers a black background on which are white lines followed and arranged in a pointed hat. Two-tone woven bands on each...
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Small Beni ourain rug brown / beige ends with two-tone lines Beige / brown

Beni Ouarain 126 x 87 x 0.79 inch
Beni Ouarain carpet woven in silky wool beige background, with patterns traced in brown for 3 elongated diamonds. Finishing ends of woven bands in...
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Small Beni ourain rug brown / beige, ends with two-tone gray / beige lines

Beni Ouarain 114 x 85 x 0.79 inch
Beni Ouarain carpet woven in silky wool beige background, with patterns traced in brown for 3 elongated diamonds. Gray / beige two-tone woven...

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