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You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.


Beni Ouarain rugs 

The Beni Ouarain rug originates from the mountainous regions of the Middle Atlas in Morocco by the Aït Ouaraïn tribes. Moroccan Beni Ouarain wool carpet is woven in a soft and thick natural wool. It is now very popular for the clean and minimalist style it offers and for its aesthetics and comfort.

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This Berber carpet is the most famous for the quality of its wool and the history of its tribe. Hand-woven distinguished by their large sizes, geometric patterns and minimalist style. It is characterized for the majority of cases, its geometric patterns lozenges that are simply drawn in outline, others offer tribal designs, some abstract patterns, hexagons or zigzags, and, more recently, there are carpets Berber polka dots. We also distinguish and especially its two colors that are the most used, namely: black and white. Again, variations now exist in Beni ouarain gray or blue, and sometimes even in other colors more vivid.

The Beni ouarain carpet qualifies itself in four distinct classes that determine the density and quality of the wool used. Naturally the quality of work of the same, the quality of the wool used will play a role on the price of the carpet. However it is important to know that if you want to buy a carpet Beni ouarain, it is still possible to offer you a Beni Ouarain carpet cheap by choosing the right category and the right size. In order of increasing quality, you can opt for the classic Beni Ouarain, Marmoucha (particularly silky wool) or Beni Ouarain with its kilim finish. The fourth category is Mrirt carpets from the city of the same name (refined finish and very silky wool) which you will find on our site, a special category that has dedicated them.