Beige berber carpets

Among the most common colors of the Berber carpet, we often find the natural color of the wool. Traditionally, it is white or beige. This naturally colored wool is handmade and attests to the authenticity and naturalness of these rugs. There are also other berber carpets in colors: white, blue, red, or you can also find the traditional black and white Berber rug. Discover all our beige berber carpets.

Tear Kilim Rug in Brown and beige

Kilim khemisset 81 x 52 x 0.79 inch
Pretty kilim weft in brown and beige heather, woven in wool / cotton wool for patterns whose outline is tripled in brown and beige. Tear is its...

Beni Ouarain Rug Khaki Green, Dark Gray and Beige

Beni Ouarain 73 x 46 x 0.79 inch
Beni Ouarain rug woven in thick and natural wool with here a background in khaki green and diamond patterns traced in dark gray. The finish offers...

Beige / ecru Azilal rug and open diamond friezes

Azilal 67 x 38 x 0.79 inch
Azilal carpet woven in natural wool. The background offers shades of beige / ecru depending on the colors of the wool. On each side, there are two...

Original and colorful Mrirt rug

Mrirt colorés 81 x 112 x 0.79 inch
$1,320 $660
Mrirt carpet with its beige background in natural shades of wool on which we see horizontal bands with zigzag friezes and in navy blue and red...

Hanbel rug ecru background

Kilim Akhnif 122 x 71 x 0.79 inch
$683 $342
Another very pretty Berber Hanbel-type rug with a low-woven ecru-colored background on which are embroidered small Berber patterns placed in fairly...

Berber carpet Glaoua beige, red and yellow

Vintage 118 x 57 x 0.79 inch
$798 $399
Dominant tones of beige, red, yellow, here is a beautiful Berber glaoua type carpet which combines three different weaving techniques, flat...

Berber carpet Hanbel linen canvas background

Kilim Akhnif 102 x 55 x 0.79 inch
$558 $279
Another pretty Berber carpet of the Hanbel type which offers a linen canvas color background and on which are embroidered small multicolored Berber...

Colorful Zigzags Azilal rugs

Azilal 80 x 42 x 0.79 inch
Azilal carpet woven in natural wool which offers a beige background on which we can distinguish zigzag friezes. Yellow, brick brown, black and gray...

Mrirt beige and taupe rug with diamond patterns

Mrirt colorés 108 x 96 x 0.79 inch
$1,424 $855
Medium Mrirt rug, a background in shades of beige, ecru and taupe, with diamond patterns that are simply surrounded by two brown lines. Neat...

Mrirt rug purple beige white in speckled

Mrirt colorés 94 x 63 x 0.79 inch
$986 $592
Mrirt rug almost square in shape, it offers a purple tone that comes in speckled purple, white and beige. We can see an outline of beige wool...

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