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You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.


Diamond berber carpet 

Diamonds are among the geometric patterns that are most often found on many moroccan carpets, and this, on all types and styles of Berber carpets. Very symbolic in the meaning of Berber motifs for women. The Beni Ouarain carpet, although today, this work may have other variants such as dots in particular, has always stood out from the peculiarity of diamond patterns.


For a very long time and, this is also what contributed to its immense success around the world, a success which continues even today, the Beni Ouarain carpet with its very minimalist style, is most often characterized by, a background clear on which appears, a grid of diamonds which are simply bypassed in a darker wool, brown or black. The diamonds can be large or small, presented in grid most of the time, some models use a single diamond centered on the carpet, or 4 or 5 diamonds, which are either delimited by straight lines crossing the carpet. This black and white diamond carpet is suitable for all interior styles, modern and contemporary in particular, it remains the emblem of the Moroccan Berber carpet par excellence. On other types of rugs, we also notice that this diamond pattern remains very common and we now know why. Placed there, centered in the heart of the carpet, sometimes scattered here and there on the work, sometimes presented in grid, with diamonds which can be simply bypassed or then simply filled with different colors… Represented in fresco around the carpet … The diamond also remains, and, without a doubt, the king of Berber motifs. You will therefore have no trouble finding, on our site, Berber carpets in diamond patterns which are presented in different styles of carpets.