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Vintage square rug, pink, gray, teal blue

Vintage 89 x 72 x 0.79 inch
Small Vintage square rug with very Berber patterns and a color harmony between pink, light gray and a pretty duck blue. Touches of white...

Vintage rug in brown outline and pink frame

Vintage 104 x 62 x 0.79 inch
Nice mid-size Vintage rug woven in natural wool that features a background in shades of pink and beige with a brown rug outline and interior frame...

Vintage Orange, White and Beige Rug

Vintage 124 x 70 x 0.79 inch
Very bright Vintage carpet woven in natural wool in orange, beige and white tones for a beautiful harmony. The sides and centered patterns varied,...

Vintage Crystals Rugs

Vintage 154 x 76 x 0.79 inch
Vintage Crystals rugs for the patterns it offers. The dominant tones are beige, green, pink and dark blue for a style that is both modern and old....

Vintage Rug Gray Beige and Pink

Vintage 110 x 83 x 0.79 inch
Small Vintage rug woven in natural wool which offers transparent diamond patterns decorated in shades of gray, beige and light touches of pink....

Vintage Gray, Beige and Brown Rug

Vintage 98 x 63 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in thick natural wool here in dominant shades of gray, beige and brown. Various patterns including diamonds all together for a...

Vintage Rug Shades of gray, beige and pink

Vintage 134 x 71 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in natural wool with dominant shades of gray, beige and pink on the center of the rug. The patterns appear in small touches of...

Vintage rugs reflections

Vintage 87 x 59 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in thick and shaved wool called reflections for its side of shades of blue on one side, and shades of gray / pink on the other.

Vintage rug marine background

Vintage 52 x 46 x 0.79 inch
Very beautiful small vintage rug woven in thick, short wool and which offers colors worthy of a seabed, red, pink, dark blue and turquoise blue for...

Rustic Vintage Rug

Vintage 133 x 86 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug rustic look with rather old stylized patterns and shades of pale pink, brighter pink, purple and gray for a beautiful harmony....

Vintage carpet in decorated mosaic square

Vintage 119 x 64 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet woven in natural wool, mosaic look with many decorated squares and a beautiful set in shades of pink, blue, beige, gray and brown.

Vintage carpet with pink background, turquoise and bright pink tones

Vintage 138 x 67 x 0.79 inch
Vintage wool rug, pale pink background with patterns and outline in shades of turquoise blue, hot pink and touches of purple. Stylized rhombuses in...

Vintage Frayed Wool Rug in Pink, Green and Gray

Vintage 123 x 77 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet that seems very soft, woven in a fine and silky wool, frayed here in shades of pink, green and gray, for essentially diamond...

Long Vintage Purple, Gray and Pink Hallway Rug

Vintage 122 x 29 x 0.79 inch
Vintage long runner rug in dominant shades of purple, light gray and pops of hot pink. A beautiful set with abstract and geometric patterns....

Vintage tiled carpet

Vintage 113 x 65 x 0.79 inch
Vintage tiled carpet because its background offers squares or rectangles decorated in various sizes. The dominant tones oscillate around beige,...

Vintage Inca Style Hallway Rug

Vintage 105 x 25 x 0.79 inch
Vintage hallway carpet in the Inca style with its stylized diamond patterns and its fading colors. Light and darker gray, pink, orange, green and...

Small vintage rug with V-shaped friezes and outline of squares

Vintage 75 x 44 x 0.79 inch
Small colorful Vintage rug, woven in thick wool, outline of colored squares, in the center a whole series of V-shaped friezes, worn look in the...

Vintage central rhombus harlequin rug

Vintage 79 x 50 x 0.79 inch
Nice Vintage rug woven in natural wool with multiple colors and a large harlequin diamond in the center. Pink for the background, red, then...

Beni Ouarain white rug, red, green, black and pink patterns

Beni Ouarain 94 x 54 x 0.79 inch
Pretty Beni Ouarain type carpet, white background with abstract patterns in shades of black, pink, green and red. Fringed finish at both ends. It...

Beni Ouarain rug white, blue, black and pink

Beni Ouarain 102 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Nice little Beni Ouarain rug woven in a thick natural wool which offers outlines of patterns in different shades of black, blue, pink, then touches...

Beni Ouarain gray / pink contoured diamond pattern rug

Beni Ouarain 108 x 81 x 0.79 inch
Beni Ouarain carpet woven in a natural and thick wool with a beige and gray nuanced background, bypassed diamond patterns in light gray and pink....

Carpet Beni Ouarain black and white diamonds

Beni Ouarain 144 x 74 x 0.79 inch
Beautiful Beni Ouarain carpet white background, black outline, with diamond patterns bypassed by a black and white band. Longer than wide, it...

Vintage Stained Glass Rugs

Vintage 103 x 70 x 0.79 inch
Small Vintage Stained Glass Carpet for the central motif, all framed and decorated in a stained glass style. A background with an aged and worn...

Vintage Rug Grillage of purple diamonds

Vintage 114 x 70 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet, outline of colored diamonds and in the center of the carpet a grid of purple diamonds. The background of the carpet offers shades...

Vintage Rug Purple pink and green

Vintage 119 x 72 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet with outline on 3 sides in squares decorated with flowers, at one end a wide decorated band and extension of other bands decorated...

Long Vintage carpet velvet look

Vintage 109 x 72 x 0.79 inch
Longer than wide, this Vintage rug offers a velvet aspect weave, a background in shades of pink, it offers diamond patterns and Berber crosses,...

Small Vintage Flame Rug

Vintage 75 x 58 x 0.79 inch
Small, almost square Vintage rug, Flamme for its main shades of yellow and orange, woven in natural frayed wool. End woven bands and fringes on one...

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