Berber carpets in colors

Berber carpets have the distinction of being all different. When they are multicolored this singularity is all the more marked. The patterns and colors used by the Berber tribes to bring their creations to life are often similar to abstract or surrealist art. Berber weavers are totally free in the choice of patterns and colors. They have a wide palette in which they can draw to express their creativity. In addition to sumptuous multicolored Berber rug, you'll find white, blue, red and pink, yellow and orange beige Berber carpets, or the classic black and white Berber rug. Immerse yourself in our collection of colorful Berber rugs.

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Beni Ouarain carpet 4 color white, green, gray and blue

Beni Ouarain 132 x 100 x 0.79 inch
$1,210 $968
Beni Ouarain carpet 4 colors green, white, gray and blue for an original and modern style work. The finish is neat and offers fringes at both ends...

Beni Ouarain rug Green background yellow pattern

Beni Ouarain 98 x 63 x 0.79 inch
$704 $563
Beni Ouarain rug with a white heather green background and a yellow wool pattern. It is woven in a silky and thick wool. The finish is neat,...

Beni Ouarain rug yellow / beige background, gray pattern

Beni Ouarain 98 x 73 x 0.79 inch
$720 $576
Beni Ouarain rug Plain yellow background and a stripe in heather yellow / beige, a pattern in gray on one side of the rug, and finally a pretty...

Beni Ouarain carpet 3 tones in shades

Beni Ouarain 122 x 83 x 0.79 inch
$897 $718
Beni Ouarain carpet in three tones with many nuances, yellow / orange, white, and blue available with gradients. A beautiful two-tone yellow and...

Azilal carpet white red and blue

Azilal 102 x 57 x 0.79 inch
$663 $464
Azilal carpet with white background, abstract patterns, diamond shapes in shades of blue and red, touches of gray and green as well. A beautiful...

Azilal carpet white background multicolored patterns

Azilal 106 x 55 x 0.79 inch
$668 $467
Azilal carpet of white background with essentially diamond patterns in multicolored in yellow, brown, green, red, blue. Small bangs polish the...

Azilal carpet white pink and blue

Azilal 114 x 51 x 0.79 inch
$668 $467
Azilal rug longer than it is wide, perfect for a hallway, it offers three shades of white, pink and blue with frieze patterns. Very soft it is...

Azilal carpet white blue and green

Azilal 104 x 57 x 0.79 inch
$663 $464
Abstract patterns in dark blue and green on a white background for this original Azilal rug which features fringes at both ends. It is hand woven...

Azilal carpet white, pink and two tones of blue

Azilal 102 x 55 x 0.79 inch
$663 $464
Azilal carpet white background with abstract patterns in pink and two different shades of blue. Hand-woven in natural wool, it features white...

Azilal rug White pink and green

Azilal 91 x 57 x 0.79 inch
$657 $460
Azilal carpet in pastel shades of green, pink on a white background with touches of blue and black contour lines. Original, abstract patterns, it...

Azilal carpet velvet look

Azilal 91 x 57 x 0.79 inch
$657 $460
A beautiful velvet appearance for this medium-sized Azilal rug which offers an abstract pattern with pretty colors, all on a beige background and a...

Azilal rug Heather patterns

Azilal 100 x 53 x 0.79 inch
$657 $460
A pretty Azilal rug that offers a white background and mottled patterns of gray, orange, black. It is woven in a thick and soft wool slightly...

Vintage rug, purple, white and gray

Vintage 110 x 73 x 0.79 inch
Small Vintage rug in the three shades of purple, white and light gray, diamond patterns decorated with various other patterns. Very chic and...

Rug Azilal Tapestry MEDIUM

Kilim khemisset 114 x 71 x 0.79 inch
$412 $206
Azilal carpet which offers a beautiful set a beautiful tapestry, very varied patterns but above all a very successful harmony of colors. Lots of...

Vintage carpet gray background

Vintage 108 x 75 x 0.79 inch
Small vintage rug with a light gray background and darker shades, diamond patterns decorated and colored with pink, red, turquoise blue, and...

Vintage rug outline ancient Greece

Vintage 136 x 68 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet with brown outline in Ancient Greece type patterns, a background in different shades of pink, Berber patterns in the colors of pink,...

Vintage rug gray outline beige background

Vintage 135 x 63 x 0.79 inch
Large Vintage rug with a gray outline and a background in shades of beige. Very Berber patterns with shades of light and darker pink, blue and...

Vintage Carpet Overlay

Vintage 118 x 87 x 0.79 inch
$1,383 $1,106
Vintage rug Superposition for this background of alternating colors of gray, turquoise blue and purple and above which we find diamonds bypassed in...

Azilal 4-tone rug, white, turquoise, green and gray

Azilal 91 x 59 x 0.79 inch
$663 $464
Azilal 4-tone rug: white for the background, abstract patterns in turquoise, green and small touches of light gray. An original carpet which offers...

Taps Beni Ouarain fond tricolor

Beni Ouarain 98 x 61 x 0.79 inch
$621 $497
Beni Ouarain rug, tricolor purple, white, blue and white background. Abstract patterns, one in purple heather and the other in beige heather. The...

Beni Ouarain Ying and Yang rug in blue and white

Beni Ouarain 130 x 87 x 0.79 inch
$913 $730
Beni Ouarain Ying and Yang rug in blue and white, woven in natural and silky wool, a neat finish for an original rug that will find its place in...

Azilal hallway carpet orange background

Azilal 239 x 31 x 0.79 inch
Long hallway rug with salmon orange background with bypassed diamond patterns and lined in beige color. Azilal type carpet woven in thick natural...

Rug Azilal Gray, Brown and beige

Azilal 80 x 43 x 0.79 inch
Azilal rug woven in thick natural wool, diamond patterns, lines, dots, in a harmony of gray, brown and beige colors. Woven bands at the ends and...

Green Azilal rug and black and beige outline

Azilal 107 x 65 x 0.79 inch
Beautiful Azilal type carpet which offers a two-tone black and beige weft, which surrounds the entire carpet. In the center, a thick woolen weave...

Beige, gray and orange kilim rug

Kilim khemisset 122 x 81 x 0.79 inch
Kilim rug woven in wool cotton in shades of light gray, beige and orange. A work from the city of Khemisset famous for this type of carpet....

Azilal Carpet Flower Garden

Kilim khemisset 77 x 45 x 0.79 inch
Azilal carpet woven in natural wool which offers patterns dotted like a flower garden in shades of beige, brown, yellow, orange and green ... Very...

Kilim rug beige background, wool contour

Kilim khemisset 88 x 27 x 0.79 inch
Kilim runner rug, light beige background woven in wool cotton with the particularity of an outline woven in thicker wool in brick brown. Many...

Kilim rug duo cotton and wool, cross and fibulae

Kilim khemisset 103 x 41 x 0.79 inch
Original Kilim rug with beige / brown wool cotton weft and, more centered, a thicker green wool weave with refined colored cross patterns and at...

Large Kilim Blue, salmon, beige, various patterns

Kilim khemisset 130 x 84 x 0.79 inch
Large Kilim with a dark blue outline decorated with light beige patterns, then a very colorful center with a varied weaving of patterns always...

Vintage black, beige and yellow rug

Vintage 104 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Vintage wool rug, in the dominant shades of black, beige and yellow, with very stylish diamond / square patterns in the center. Rustic soul for...

Vintage Terracotta Rug

Vintage 136 x 55 x 0.79 inch
Vintage carpet like a Tiled floor, in shades of dark brown, beige and orange. Rather rustic at heart, it will suit rather old interiors. Flower...

Vintage Wire Mesh Rug and Escutcheon

Vintage 104 x 54 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in natural wool which offers an outline decorated in orange, beige and yellow tones, then a center in mesh and escutcheon,...

Vintage Rug Eclats

Vintage 110 x 61 x 0.79 inch
Vintage rug woven in thick natural wool, simply called Eclats, for its vibrant colors and patterns. Character for a rug with a rather rustic soul.

Boujad rug, pink, green, beige and ecru outline

Boujad 104 x 65 x 0.79 inch
$720 $504
Beautiful Boujad rug which offers an outline in juxtaposed colors of pink, green, ecru and beige, then a background in all these shades of tones,...

Beni Ouarain Medium Beige and green, green diamond

Beni Ouarain 104 x 67 x 0.79 inch
$736 $589
Beni Ouarain medium woven in silky natural wool. A beige background on which we can see a green rhombus, green line outline. Two-tone Beige / Green...

Azilal rug light beige background, green and pink beige patterns

Azilal 93 x 57 x 0.79 inch
$678 $475
A light beige background for this Azilal carpet woven in natural wool, with abstract patterns in shades of risé beige and green for a beautiful...

Azilal carpet beige background, shades of blue, pink and black

Azilal 134 x 73 x 0.79 inch
$819 $573
A beautiful Azilal rug woven in natural wool that offers a beige background and diamond patterns with touches of pink, turquoise blue and black....

Ait Yaddine rug mottled background, black, beige, gray

Aït Yaddine 94 x 63 x 0.79 inch
$960 $768
Ait Yaddine type carpet with a gray, black and beige background, over which are abstract colored patterns, yellow, blue and pink. Fringes polish...

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