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You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds. Welcome to the tribe

You like rare and precious products, we will communicate you our novelties and our most beautiful finds.


White Berber carpets 

Looking for a modern, refined and eco-responsible Berber carpet for your interior design? Our range of Berber carpets from Morocco consists of unique pieces unearthed in the Atlas Mountains and exclusively woven by hand with natural wool. Very Berber, traditional, minimalist, avant-garde patterns, if you like artisanal rugs dominated by white, our white Berber rugs should seduce you.


Between the very popular Beni Ouarain, on a light background and enhanced with diamond contours in black or dark brown, the Azilal carpet with abstract patterns in dark black, or the Mrirt carpet with white background and black diamonds in black, or the white Berber carpets with wefts woven flat in black, or even more rare carpets like the Zennafi carpet fully woven flat in black and white… Once again, you are spoiled for choice! All our wool rugs are hand woven in pure virgin sheep wool. Obviously and, in these cases, the white is not always very white, rather and often more off-white light or beige a little more sustained ... It essentially and always depends on the original color of the wool used. Likewise, the breed of sheep that donate their wool also offers variants. Berber weavers also know how to play with these different tones to bring a particular relief to their work, a small touch of originality which can often be noticed on certain Moroccan Berber carpets.

tapis berbère blanc marocain

Small rugs, Moroccan hallway rugs or large rugs, our selection of white Berber rugs is large enough to find the carpet of your choice. In this category we notice very beautiful quality carpets, warm, comfortable, cozy but above all always unique. The collections vary according to the inspiration of the Berber tribes and weavers who are at the origin of these works. These models thus all offer a light background, on which brown, black and, sometimes, colored patterns are inlaid. Simple, sober, elegant, these items are particularly suitable for modern or contemporary interiors, even if we can very well imagine a very beautiful Beni Ouarain carpet in an older environment or wonderful wooden chalet. To warm your feet, to advocate as an absolute master in the heart of your living room, to offer a warm and friendly entry, in an aisle, a corridor, a beautiful carpet immediately offers elegance and warmth. Depending on the density of the wool, certain carpets immediately invite you to savor their softness, their warmth and therefore their great comfort, that is all that makes a quality carpet.